Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun in the sun

Yesterday was a blast,Got together with my bestie and her family. She does things a lot like me. I am just a goof at times and little more brain dead as my memory is a bit slower haha. The kids were so cute,We need to live closer. I like giving and buying gifts but sending them is expensive and gas is so high along with Joe not liking MAss for his own reasons. I am not clingy but I do love giving and if someone says they need something or not I am going to help out at what ever cost. I would want the same for myself. So anyway Z was not fond of her dog but if she saw him more often I bet she would warm up. Stefano adored him. Z has been talking more today so I'm wondering if it was because of her daughter talking when they were here and shes 3 days older. I took lots of pics because those are memories! Photo albums and framed shots are what we can remember things the best by! I know that I look at my family pics all the time to remember my niece at a young age who may I say got into the college she wanted!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! I look at pics of my brother,or my uncle,me when I was younger. Its fun.
We had lunch,love cooking big. No pork because I like to have a theme and it was Beef!!! Bring on the cow! Next time it could be all Italian food,you never know with me. The kids were busy busy. Stefano got a thomas the train that hes playing with right now and Zueda got a carriage and doll. Of course she already poked an eye out on the doll but she still likes her! My Z is pretty rough so it was nice to have a little one around that was a little less rough and more girly haha they complimented each-other nicely. Stefano shared with her daughter from the start which was cute as he does not always get a long with his sister so I was a bit nervous about that.
The girls switched sippy cups at one time and even were having their own convo at one point where her daughter would ask for the soda can and Zueda would go get it. It was like they were in their own little world. Sadly Zueda has no kids to play with. I don't want to force my kids on my youngest niece because shes quite a bit older and summers are busy and my sister and I just don't seem to get together as often as we probably should. So it was great to have someone drive up and see us all. Joe likes her fiance so that was great well Joe gets a long with anyone who is nice to me lol.
My nephews party is coming up and I need to figure out what to get him. Sadly Joe has been doing his money spending thing again and saving his money for his pocket. If I don't have something for my nephew Joe will have one less body part!!!! If walmart had been more stocked I would have gotten my niece more for her bday but walmart was going out and I could barely find anything.
Anywho back to yesterday, my cats are not dog friendly which makes me nervous as I hope to get a dog one day. Frosty didn't like him but he kept coming around where 2 of my cats we didn't see all day because of him and thats just not cool,so they need to warm up to dogs.
Her oldest daughter is a gem,I'm sure she has her moments at home but here she was well behaved-of course I have very few rules at my house. No rudeness, no animal abuse,no stealing...and a few others but thats about it. Nothing to worry about. I just want you to be yourself and ask anything. I likely have an answer or what ever you need.
Once they left the kiddos went down perfectly for a nap.
Now this weekend is a trip to West VA. I wanted a little point and shoot so my expensive camera could stay here locked up and safe lol but didn't find anything cheap enough yet worthy enough. I am hoping Joe gets Thursday off so he is not diving to NY all tired where from there his mom will be driving. Its 6hrs from NY.
I am nervous but have calmed down a little. I wan to enjoy this trip as some sketchy stuff out back of our place has me all worked up so getting out of town might help. Being with family will too. Hopefully though no one tests me. Its been done before with this side of the family and this time with dealing with as much as I have I will be taking no crap. Joe is too help me,be supportive,be there for family and not drinking. Etc.
I have the neighbor watching my animals. If my house is torn apart I will be furious. I know snowshoes can get really rambunctious if he does not go outside.
Got a lot on my mind lately. Might tell Joe to bring home mcdonalds so I can sit up with him and just vent a little when he gets home. I am worried that my kids will not be well behaved. Most the time you wait until the kids are older to do trips like this,well you try too anyway. They want my kids to go to church and everything for the first time....YEA have you met my kids? They don't sit,they don't be quiet when you say and they are well...3 and 2!!!! Ugh!
FB is acting up which is getting on my last nerve!
WEll gotta run and get the kids dinner. Hopefully my anxiety stays under wraps. Just so sick of seeing cops around my place dealing with people. I want to feel safe! Ah well. I can do this.
I want Joe back on days but hes all against it,at first he was just like we will see and blah blah but now hes like noooo and his boss said a few weeks its been like 6 mos with him on nights. I can't deal with it much anymore.
I'm off
heres a few photos