Thursday, March 31, 2011

Affordable ways

Quote: "You do not have to be rich to be a stay at home mom, Lets step back a few hundred years when stay at home moms was all there was...And back then people had more morals,self control and respect...Lets consider that before we assume people with financial problems should just jump on to the working band wagon." -From a  Mom I know. Met a lot to hear her say that.

If we all stop buying those adorable toys in the store for our kids that are not on sale...we could save.

If we grouped all our shopping into a once a month trip,our gas tanks and wallets would start to see some extra cash.

Make a coffee at home,there are some awesome recipes online of how to even make a special caffeinated drink in the morning. Lets cut out the dunkin and starbucks and start saving some bucks.

Budget budget budget.

Take your hobby and expand too see if you can make money off of it. Those little things you make for friends and family could bring in some money. Those pictures you take,imagine them in frames in someone's home. =)

Coupons, places that double coupons and sites that you can print coupons off of. Brilliant for those little runs to walgreens or a budgeted trip to wal-mart.

Freecyle and craigslist. We know about the sites but how many times do we end up saying "I dunno...I think I'd rather have it new" Thats fine but sometimes waiting you can find it cheaper. And sometimes people don't use stuff they buy so its like new.
Which brings me to time..Your going time? What does that have to do with finances...  My husband has this really big impulse to buy something the minute he sees it instead of doing some shopping around, Yes its a pain and it takes time to go to a few stores or a few sites but you never know who will have it cheaper. Also waiting until the end of a season helps, that long sleeve sweater you want will go on sale at the end of the season so they can bring in their summer items.

Dollar bins! We all know what I am talking about. I have found them at: Target,Michael's, Iparty and K-mart.
And lets not forget dollar stores, a lot of the time people panic and say they want name brands,well name brands tend to not always be cheaper at dollar stores. Again its one of those get to know the prices,get to know the store...OWN the store haha. Try to remember how much Tide is at Wal-mart compared to Dollar general or something.

Animals. Sometimes life throws us curve balls and we discover its getting harder and harder to afford our beloved pets food and such. Some not all but I know mine does,Humane societies or rescues or anything like that offer applications you can fill out and donations will go towards you, I believe its only once a month or when ever you really need it. But any little bit helps. Lets not forget that the little things add up.....

Which takes me to my next point...those little things we buy and mumble to yourselves "well that wasn't bad for a drink" or "Cheaper then bringing lunch" or something. We are gonna do a little math.

Coffee in the morning from dunkin- $1.99(I am doing the lower end of prices)
Snack from the checkout line of a store- $ 1.99
That soda you picked up- $2.99
The candy bar-$1.00
Lunch because you forgot yours- $5.99
Another soda for the end of the day -$2.99
Mcdonalds because you already know you don't want to cook when you get home- $14.00
Add it up. You do that 3 times a week and what do you get? $95.85........

So lets fix all these problems.
Snacks. Buy them at the beginning of the month for work or what not. Granola bars,the boxes of individual chips,string cheese or the new Kraft 100 calorie cheese packs,Containers of veggies or fruits...the list is endless

Drinks-Bring your own. If you like soda walmart has cola 24pks for one of the cheapest prices. Stock up when its on sale. Or you can bring your own bottle thing and put crystal light in it,lemonade,water...Simple things.

Ah the sweets- A lot of the time little debbie had $2/4 or you can buy in bulk at BJS,Costco or bigger places like that. Bake a little more. Good way to incorporate the kids.

Gum-hard to avoid but a bag of peppermints or a hard candy has more quantity for the price.

Lunch- Again sometimes those rushed,hectic,not going smoothly mornings throw us off our game plan. Try the night before to make your lunch up. Try to buy things you can just grab just in case of one of those mornings. Yogurt,pudding cups,keep cut veggies in your fridge at all times, it sounds silly but grabbing literally what you would need for a sandwich and throwing it in your bag and making the sandwich at work or where ever you may be can work also.

Dinner-Oh,I could talk and talk and talk about this. Crock pots!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it in the morning and bam! Simple meals. One skillet meals. Fast meals. Rachel ray is a really good one to follow for her success in short timed meals. Save the fast food and outings for the weekend or when that extra money is there to spend. =)

Want a little extra cash for those birthdays coming up???
Check these sites out. You can be a guide. I would love to explain every site but time is not on my side as a mother of two haha. So ask if you have any questions. Your opinion does count. Even though it does not add up fast it does add up and thats all that matters when it comes to money. Adding up a little faster then others. Simple buy from nominated companies,click the link in an email and gain points. Sign up for their credit card and get amazing amount of points that you can then redeem and get say a gift card to wal-mart or home depot and many many other things.

Medical transcription is still needed and wanted. With a few classes you can be working from home. A little demanding but if you have an amazing support system it should be a great investment to your family.

Chuck roast...have the butcher grind it and it ends up cheaper then the regular hamburg. Now my Hannafords has hamburg on sale a lot,they have yellow stickers that say how much off it is.

Pasta sides are coming out with a lot of new kinds less sodium and go with a lot of different meals.

Make big meals and freeze them.

Try to buy fruits when they are in season,they tend to be a lower price. Something like berries when not in season the unsweetened frozen kind does wonders. =)

Sometimes over time we stop watching shows we use to watch and that means we might not watch the channel as well, go over everything and make sure theres not a bundle or a channel set up thats cheaper. Will lower your bill.

Being efficient-Helps the earth and your wallet.  Shut the lights off when your not in that room, Getting a motion detecting outside light, not leaving the tv on as back ground noise (I do for my anxiety but thats a diff story) unplugging appliances you don't use helps too. I don't always use my toaster oven so I just leave it unplugged.

In winter shoveling the snow up against your house has been proven to insulate better and cut down on your heating costs.

Tagsales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Watch websites for deals that you may not get in the stores. Also sign up to receive stuff in the mail it never hurts and a lot of the time its coupons.

A lot of companies want you to at-least try their product once so if you go to their website sometimes they will send you a coupon or even the product its self.

When you have a bad experience or something with a restaurant of any kind go to their website. Most the time they really listen and will give a gift card,coupons or a meal on them type of stuff.

Short list of rules I have made for myself when shopping- (unless in desperate need of an item)

Chicken- I never pay over $1.99 a lb for chicken breasts-But most of us know in bone chicken is less expensive

Shredded cheese-Never pay over $2.00

Cereal- Never pay over $3.00-This one is very hard. It depends on how much you like cereal.

Hate making dough  for pizza but hate the prices of frozen pizzas? Pillsbury dough!

Have a bread maker laying around. Making your own bread is healthier and cheaper!

AND Store brands are just as good! I happen to love the store Aldi's, Their stuff a lot of the time is other name brand items but in disguise lol. Now sometimes store brand never cuts it but in basic stuff it usually is fine!

There are lots of other deals in bigger cities with more choices in shopping but this is my list from someone who has no costco or sams club,or anything.  I might even be forgetting some things.

I am still learning myself as I am 4yrs out on my own,STILL lots of time to grow and find new stuff and new tricks!

Theres a show on TLC called extreme couponing-Try and catch it!

Much love!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lack of it

People choose favorites right out of the gate. 
Lets start with that, No matter what it seems like I am making someone angry,needing to defend myself or people think I know nothing. 
Yet theres others out there doing MUCH worse then me and nothing gets said. There was a WTE lady who posted pics of a dog that was WAY to skinny. I could count the poor things ribs, not one person said a damn thing. I simply want a dog to help my son and I am the bad person? I feel like I am being scolded for nothing.  A lecture on a topic I know more about then average...Yes happens all the time. People simply watch to much tv,if you have more then one pet your a hoarder now. If you have depression your a wimp,if your sick you HAVE to run to the dr, if you have to many kids your selfish or a whore....Its insane.
I am none of these things. 5 Cats are what I can take care of and I am happy with ever decision. They are healthy, No fleas,never had fleas,ALL are spayed and neutered and fed fine. My rabbit is getting a run for goodness sakes. My kids have well over $300 a piece invested into their b-days just to have more then likely no one show up. I handle drama because of how I have managed my thinking all these years, I stand up for what I believe,I will stop at nothing for my kids and I am one of a few who can say my kids don't stress me out. I don't do date nights. I don't do girly days out. My husband works because he couldn't sit around he would go crazy,I don't. I can stay in the house for weeks if I HAD too. 
I budget,coupon cut, free cycle,tag sale,rummage sale and seek sales. I have a hair dresser I go to,NO salon or fancy fancy. I get no assistance except about a $100 in food-stamps. My parents get more lol. We pay bills. We don't get stress about bills. We manage. We will help anyone who needs it. We love our neighbors. We love our town. We love what we own. We are not jealous types. I love going to someone's house and seeing neat gadgets and how big it is or what not.  I have few friends but the ones I do always said "I would never want her on anyone else's side but mine" Just like a football game and the team has the best quarterback around and you are proud he is on your side.
I am organized,clean,green friendly,kid loving,animal loving,short,no tattoos,dyed hair,photo taking, easy going,knowledge,news watching 23 yr old.
I have never fell behind on laundry, never lost a sock in my life, I know how to actually train cats, I don't have a washing machine yet there is never a stack of dishes unless right after a meal of course, when sick I don't lose my strength to be a good mother,spouse or person, I have dreams, I like volunteering and donating to good causes, I own a trac-fone no black berry or such, NO one in this home owns a kindle,ipad,iphone or any of that technology crap. No ipods. My kids do not watch tv except Stefano and his love for the food network channel. 
Stuff that I am proud of but don't judge. Never clean your home for me, dress the way you want, don't worry about your hair around me, ask me if you need ANYTHING! You need a place for your animal until things look up or need help getting it to behave,ask. You need support guidance advice... ask.
I have a past like no other, not as bad as some but not as good and well maintained as others. 
I use to cut,Does not make me a wimp. What makes me strong is the stopping the minute I was preggo with my oldest. Its hard to change your mind set on a dime and I do it time and time again.
I only curse when absolutely pissed.  I wish I was closer to my family, it upsets me that one person I love and adore bad mouths me and thinks I am the worst ___  in the world. My kids get nothing microwaved unless its a steam fresh meal or healthy leftovers. Snacks are veggies,cheese or fruit. Do I care what you do? No. As long as you are not a devil. Make sure I never find out your an abuser of any type,Make sure I never find out you spend money on drugs instead of food for your family....all that type of bad things-I care about. Otherwise I'm not judging you. You feed your kids chicken nuggets 3 nights a week. I don't care. I will never think less of you because of what I do or what I do is different. Everyone is different. Everyone had a different up bringing. A different out look on things.
My kids HAVE NEVER been around: Drinking,drugs,parties,bad influences,a babysitter(just shows you how committed to being a mother I am)-Now that does not mean I think all of you who go out and leave your kids with babysitters are bad...Not in the slightest but I as someone with no job could easily decide I am to stressed and go out and leave my kids for awhile to get away....Not how I roll. But as long as the majority of the time your with your kids and your treating them like little prizes then I am not going to judge.
I don't depend on coffee to get me going. I NEVER complain about what time my kids get up. I NEVER say anything about how annoying my kids are being or how their behavior is and how its effecting me. But if you do,then cool,I will be right there telling you to breath or even asking if you want me to help in someway. Bring over a meal or watch your kids for awhile or anything to help. I love to cook, I love being that susie homemaker. LOTS of woman use to do it. LOTS of men worked longer hrs then most men today. Worked harder. We forget about the olden days. We forget how our economy has changed and our work ethic. We forget about the farmers and the men who worked 18-24hrs outside and at work to support their 5 children and their wife stayed home,do you think anyone dared label them or judge them or tell them they are not worthy of staying at home like people do today? Noooo.
Our world was based on so much more then what it is today. 
Everyone has the right to vent,Yes sometimes its hard to read or hear what they are venting about because we know it could be fixed or if they had listened they wouldn't have a reason to vent or maybe its a druggie who is angry that a drug dealer stole his/her money..either way that person needs to vent then we come in with a "what the hell" or kind words,encouragement or what ever is needed. We don't bash the person. Your not suppose to assume ones life. You should put your feet in other peoples shoes. 
Theres a show on called secret millionaire and it does just that. Sometimes we think people are homeless or poor because of reasons we don't approve of. Like we are god and we approve and disapprove and that should matter. Maybe alcohol or a drug problem or something but the majority lost a job,or had a rough child hood, never had anyone or anything to fall back on. Maybe have a health issue and no one ever helped get them disability.... Theres sometimes more that meets the eye then the average hes just a scum bag.
No one around me has ever claimed my half brother but still my brother was a wimp for committing suicide. Because we all know that we don't know everything. We don't know what its like to be pushed that far. We don't realize how hard it actually is to leave the world and the life you had behind. Its not easy.
But recently something was said about a man not handling the army is a wuss not correct word but rather keep this PG. There is some people who can and some who can't we should be proud instead. Like when you walk into your job and you have an over coming of how much work you do and how much your needed and such instead of being mad that other people don't do as hard of work or don't work at all or what not you should be proud that no one can do your job the way you can. You should take pride in what you do and don't worry about anyone else. Take pride. If I could work I would and I know exactly what I would do. 
I take pride in being a mother and SAHM. Thats why my house is cleaned each day,thats why I know where everything is in this house,thats why I cook and do everything because I know without me this house would not function. Could I be better,yes and I will. I like looking at flaws and fixing them. 
There is so much more to say but I am dying to step outside and taking some photos and watch my kids bask in the sun while playing in mud that will get all over my house...but I will just smile in that moment and clean it up while they are sleeping soundly. 
Stay tuned as I will be posting pics of every gift I got them. Can't wait for their bday!!!
Tootles and with all this said and done..much love.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Things I think

People who say they like the heat are the ones who sit in there air conditioned house......Think about it.

I have never had air conditioning in my life. Just saying. Small rant. Now over. Moon shots above.

Friday, March 18, 2011

7 yrs bad luck???

Oh where to begin.
Oh right lets start with the huge fight with Joe that almost made me completely walk away from something that could be potentially the best thing to ever happen to me...of course it partly is because of my kiddos who are doing awesome with the sleeping at night thing again. Yay! I don't feel like going into details.
Anyway then I broke a mirror which means 7yrs bad luck and I swear its looks like my wrist is 20lbs more then my other as its so swollen. It hurts so much,all because I picked up a box that was too heavy to handle with just one hand. Dumb moment. I then proceeded to try to take pics and forgot my lovely son broke my tripod...I then wanted to take in my new best friends,yes new,we have grown quite close. She has a lot in common with me and its nice since a lot of people are either too nice for me...too stuck up for me...too rich for me...too something haha I am a very low key love to make people laugh animal loving cleaning there for you when you need it friend and she is too. Very best friends rabbit in because as we know once its here it will get treated like a prince lol just a love I have for animals and I don't really get stress about how much I have to do or anything so I can take on a few more chores and cages to clean BUT we need to buy the materials for a bigger outside shed for him as I believe fresh air is what makes rabbits live so much longer,I even have plans for a rabbit run,its going to be so cute,its just finding the money. As many of you know the tax money has gone to all its proper locations so theres not much of it left and what is,is for savings and stuff for the kiddos. If I can find the money and get it build welcome Sweetpea till then I told her to ask other people or what not.
On top of all that I am looking for the perfect dog...thats free and not from a breeder...thats easier said then done. oy!
I think finally my dumb second period is goodness! It better be or I am becoming a male lol.
There is the Maple fest tomorrow in Whitingham,probably will try and get there!
 Still lots of things I need for the kiddos party. I have a website I can try for Wonder pets as thats what the theme is.
The weather was gorgeous yesterday. I just love the sounds of kids playing and windows open. Of course around here no kids play outside but I heard stories of other kids playing outside and I just imagined the sounds lol. 5-6 mos and we can apply for a loan for a house. I am very excited. As long as Joe steps up and stops his lazyness. He really needs to comprehend,men and woman do more then he does in a day and don't complain or do it and just learn to get use to it. He need to realize getting stressed about every little thing is beyond embarrassing and stupid. He didn't use to act like that. He took life with a grain of salt. His heart is bigger when he is not acting like a D8ck.
Ah well life goes on.  I just wish I had more perogiess to go along with it hahahaha.
Frosty is feeling a lot better.The vet said there was no sign of a flea ever even being on him,that made me feel good. Now to get the cats their flea treatments!
Ah lets see that seems to about cover things. I now I am forgetting some but my wrist just hurts. So calling it a blog. Ending with some photos!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't go there

I don't get offended easily but I do get annoyed when someone treats me like another person or differently for no reason. Lets go back too last sunday...I somehow got an evil eye and told that why this person bought the item they bought was because their child needed it...with a tone that was told to me...wait I don't care its your money,not mine. She treated me once again like a bitch,or like my mom who tends to not like when people buy stuff. I DON'T CARE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF TO ME! I felt very disrespected because she always does this,then she will go back to her stupid friends and say that I was nagging and acting like she shouldn't have bought a expensive item...again I am not like you,my mom or anyone else I don't judge. I might think what you do makes no sense but thats your problem not mine. But in this case it made perfect sense so there was not a doubt in my mind,I was happy for them. I was ticked that my idea went out the window. Now I will be the bad aunt because for the second time ONLY I will miss her childs birthday party because she couldn't figure out a date! And instead of realizing I have a life and 45mins to drive! I need to know a few weeks ahead of time. I need to  budget presents, on. BUT noooo it will be my fault. I will be once again the bad sister. Fantastic. I live my life to piss you off. Really? Ugh! So disappointing. Why do I even try to be nice? I tried talking first,I tried telling her,her family comes first...but to only be shot down and feel like I was burdening her. Ah well some people just never get it.

And whats with people assuming you can just afford something when its not working,or not working right or something.  There is real poverty. You can not just fix a leak,or a hole in the wall or a smell in your basement. Its not that easy as going oh wow our roof is leaking..we need another one-Here's $10,000 for a new one. Normal low income people can not do that,even some middle class can not just shell out money or anything. Its not always workable. Its not always easy. Its not just about picking up a phone or a credit card,you need to be able to pay the payments. We don't even have credit cards.

I am way over my marriage. Its just boring now. He is no fun. I am always just constantly doubting him and thinking hes lying which most the time he is. The day has come that we need to go our separate ways. It will take a lot of healing and time to ever fix what has been done.

Got Frosty neutered today. $55 for 4 shots and the procedure. Not bad! We were in and out in 20 mins. I strongly believe in spaying and neutering!

Enough. The kids are on their third day of not napping. My period is here for the second time with only a 3 day gap in between. NOT cool!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tonight's Dinner

Penne Pasta Skillet


what you need

1 lb. ground beef
1 jar  (26 oz.) spaghetti sauce
2 cups water
3 cups  penne pasta or other small shaped pasta, uncooked
1 cup KRAFT Shredded Low-Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese

make it

BROWN meat in large skillet on medium-high heat; drain.
ADD spaghetti sauce and water; mix well. Stir in pasta. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium; cover. Simmer 16 to 18 min. or until pasta is tender; stir.
TOP with mozzarella; cover. Cook 1 min. or until cheese is melted.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recipe time.

California-Style barbecue chicken pizza

  what you need

3/4 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into thin strips
1   green pepper, cut into thin strips
1/4 cup thin red onion slices
1   ready-to-use baked pizza crust (12 inch)
1/3 cup BULL'S-EYE Original Barbecue Sauce
1-1/2 cups  KRAFT Shredded Triple Cheddar Cheese with a Touch of PHILADELPHIA

make it

HEAT oven to 400°F.
COOK and stir chicken and vegetables in large skillet sprayed with cooking spray on medium-high heat 4 to 5 min. or until chicken is done.
SPREAD pizza crust with barbecue sauce; top with chicken mixture and cheese. Place crust directly on middle oven rack.
BAKE 15 to 18 min. or until cheese is melted.

Chicken Tacos!

  what you need

1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into 1/2-inch pieces
1 pkg.  (1-1/4 oz.) TACO BELL® HOME ORIGINALS® Taco Seasoning Mix
3/4 cup water
1 cup KRAFT Mexican Style Finely Shredded Taco Cheese
1/2 cup  shredded lettuce
1 medium tomato, chopped

make it

SPRAY large skillet with cooking spray. Add chicken; cook and stir on medium heat until cooked through.
STIR in seasoning mix and water. Cook 10 min. or until sauce is slightly thickened, stirring occasionally.
SPOON 2 Tbsp. chicken mixture into each taco shell; sprinkle with cheese. Top evenly with lettuce and tomato.