Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recipe timeee



pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker® sugar cookie mix
1/2cup butter or margarine, melted
1/4cup Gold Medal® all-purpose flour
1/4cup unsweetened baking cocoa
1/2cup finely chopped almonds
1teaspoon almond extract
60Hershey's® Kisses® Brand milk chocolates, unwrapped
3/4cup powdered sugar

  1. Heat oven to 375°F. In large bowl, stir cookie mix, butter, egg, flour, cocoa, almonds and extract until soft dough forms.
  2. Shape dough into sixty 3/4-inch balls; wrap each around 1 milk chocolate candy. Place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet.
  3. Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until set. Immediately remove from cookie sheet. Cool slightly, about 5 minutes.
  4. Roll cookies in powered sugar. Cool completely, about 15 minutes. Re-roll cookies in powdered sugar. Store tightly covered.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Money saving tricks

I live by these. And everyone has there own so I am not posting this really for anyone just to see myself and re read what I write to see if theres more I can add or if others have some or anything like that.

  1. I never spend over 2 dollars for cereal. I like the $2/4 sales. And will stock up then. Cereal is one of the cheapest things to make so the rising prices are ridiculous.
  2. I buy Hamburg at hannafords where its mark down and then buy in bulk. Keep in consideration I do not have costco or how ever its spelled,sams club or even a super Walmart.
  3. Shredded cheese again 2 bucks or under. I also will buy store brand. Tastes the same.
  4. Name brand prices are sometimes just because its the brand. I always check out the store brand first.
  5. Celeste pizzas usually go for 10/$10 which is great.
  6. Bagels only get bought on sale. I am not paying over 4 dollars for bagles. Silly.Pure stupid.
  7. Betty crocker goes on sale a lot so I tend to make sweets instead of buying little debbies and snack foods that can cost a lot of money.
  8. I compare prices. I know every store in towns price for milk. Yes I do.I am lame lol but I save a lot more money then most on food.
  9. I never grocery shop without sales. If that means we don't have something on hand for a week or so then so be it. I never randomly shop for food,I go every week.
  10. I don't just shop at one store.
  11. Aldis has amazing deals for food that tastes just as good.
  12. Ragu is only bought if its on sale
  13. Gravy 10/$10 then stocked up on,otherwise never gets bought.
  14. Getting the meat guy to ground up chuck roast when its on sale to make hamburg saves a few bucks.
  15. I reuse butter containers,cool whip containers..things like that.
  16. I pre-cook things like chicken and hamburg then freeze them for meals.
  17. I always pick up a turkey after thanksgiving as they tend to be on sale.
  18. Wal-marts food is a little lower then some places. Juices,soda,gravy,ice cream...things like that.
  19. Bulk is not always the better deal. For example My husband picked up a box of french toast sticks,there was 140 or so for a very high price,the boxes I buy I could get a little over that number but more boxes for about 2 bucks under what the big box cost.
  20. Frozen veggies are just as good and go on sale a lot more.
  21. Pasta sides are usually a dollar and add to any meal without feeling like its a unhealthy thing.
  22. Making homemade chicken nuggets and tenders is amazing.
  23. Which brings me to my Chicken deals lol. Chicken goes on sale about twice a month at grocery stores and I get it for always under $2 a lb. Usually I buy the breasts for $1.99 a lb. 
  24. Dollar general carries name brand things for less. 
  25. Canned food is always bought at Aldis unless its a cheap cheap sale. I don't get buying a can of something for over a dollar unless its salmon or something like that but veggies and fruits are just silly.
  26. Chocolate chips are a great snack to keep on a hand. Cheap.
  27. Roasts are simple and go a long way.
  28. Crock pot meals!
  29. Make a little extra for left overs.
  30. Turkey Kielbasa is something that can go a 100 ways. I know pork can too but turkey is a little cheaper and healthier.
  31. Breakfast is a 100 different things. I do southern,I do country.... Fried potatos and eggs,sausage(turkey) and toast...egg and veggie omelets.Pancakes,French toast,crepes,cooked bologna,nutrigrain bars with fruit. Just a plate of fruit. Expensive cereals is not the only
  32. Sticks of butter on sale and stocking up. Usually I go for under 2 bucks on this too but sometimes I will just buy margarine around 89 cents.
  33. Cool whip is usually around 99 cents.
  34. Tubs of ice cream a great find.
  35. Tub of cream cheese is not always a must,the block kind goes on sale and works too.
  36. COUPONS!
There is more but I can not think of them all right now. LOL
I just try really hard to make sure I am smarter then the stores and the companies. I know for a fact what is cheap to make and whats not. Its fun once you get into it.

Much love!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ah the life

First and foremost I would like to apologize for the first ever deleting of a post. I felt that I swore to much and put Joe down in a harsh manner just to prove once again to someone that I am not a horrible disgusting excuse for a human being. I deleted it around 7 am this morning and am sorry to anyone who thought they lost their mind when they didn't see it there this morning.
Second This is my blog I can write in it 5 mins after someone or something has made me angry or 7 hrs..thats no ones concern. Thats not fair to me. A lot of people get right on their blogs the minute something happens or a few minutes after something happened that infuriated them. I follow many blogs and a lot of the ones are like that. And last night it was about an hr before I posted but I had to let it out. I met it to be in a mature way,realizing now that caps were on at certain times lol,again sorry I was also dealing with a 2 yr old. So again that post wasn't  quite right and I felt it should be deleted,no ones actions or thoughts were brought to my attention,I was the only person that I know of that had an issue with it.
Third my blog is my diary. I have carpel tunnel in my right wrist and typing is a bit easier then writing so I have turned to blogging. My blog is open to everyone. I only told my mother who is in her 60's lol that there were sexual comments and rants and that she might not want to read it and she understood because it after-all is my blog. Its no one else's...Its mine. Feel free to create your own. As you can clearly see I don't use this to bash people,I use it to get out emotion and also share some recipes with others,I hope to post about how I save money and work on a one income house. I want this to be a positive place but I also want people to read and read it carefully so they never take anything to heart or too personally. Also if I am angry,things will be said in anger. But like a normal adult I will realize my mistakes and come back and apologize. Which I apologize now for calling Joe an A-hole. Although he has many issues he has never been anything shy of protective of me,that does not make him an A-hole. I would like to say once again that I really don't need anyones apology. I am not worried about tomorrow in any way because thats not me,I will not ruin a day. I realize that me just being there will ruin a bit of it but my kids will be enough distraction if certain people decide to come,I have not been told. I feel what is said between other parties should remain so I'm not asking questions I am just waiting and seeing.

Probably will go in Joes car...Oy! My truck is still down,Joe claims all it needs now is an oil change because the dope left everything uncovered the last time it rained so theres water in the oil which is a no-no. I am nervous that there is still something wrong with it. We will see.
I am literally starving myself so I can be super hungry for moms delicious Thanksgiving and pies! The woman made 6! Shes awesome!
It was cute last night Joe brought me home Mcdonalds at 1:30 am..and he knew that I hadnt eaten all night. That was yummy.
Another thing floating in my head, My vacuum and cone went on me at the end of last week and Stefano insists on putting holes in the wall near his crib well the dry wall is getting into the heater and I'm nervous it will start a fire or something. I just don't know how to get it out without a vacuum and buying one is not going to happen for awhile unless Joe gets this bonus they are talking about.
Joes dad is coming up Saturday. So I am indulging in Joes 5 day vacation. Just need to get this place in better shape then it is now before he comes. The kids have been really bad lately with getting into things that make a mess instead of things that are simple and easy to say no too. They are getting too sneaky these days lol.
I ordered somethings off of wal-mart a few days ago and it looks like it will be here Friday unless they don't do mail on that day. lol. I am super excited to be adding to my lingerie collection. I know TMI but its my blog,haha.
Want to get in a few shots tonight for 365. Hoping winter will provide some more awesome pretty shots,right now its kinda blah..or I am losing my motivation and touch...oy! Ah well,only time will tell.
I am not signing off. I am wishing everyone safe travels. Lots of food.Lots of love.Lots of pictures. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! (My fav holiday!)
Here are some pics to show I am in fine spirits and everything I do; I do because I want too not because of anyone else. And I am proud of that. =)

Down and dirty

Survey time!

Sex and relationships;

  1. When did you start dating? 14
  2. How many people have you had a long term relationship with? 2..sad I know lol
  3. How many partners have you had? its double digits lets say that
  4. Do you share your past with new significant others? Why not? Thats so strange to me,if I didn't know how many girls and what Joes done I would feel in the dark. People actually hide that stuff from spouses?
  5. Do you act differently when with someone? Nope.
  6. Are you currently with your crush? I do not crush. Men are
  7. Are you romantic? Do I sound romantic?
  8. Are you emotional in relationships? No. I will cry if my kids made my day hell lol but not anything over my husband.
  9. Are you a good communicator? Try to be,helps if people don't lie to me!!!
  10. Do you walk away or fight it out? Oh I fight it out! People who walk away bottle to much up.Irritating.


  1. Can you cook? Indeed.
  2. Can you bake? Yuppers
  3. Do you always use recipes? Nope
  4. What is your favorite appliance in your kitchen? Stove or my skillets and Wok.I really want a kitchen-aid though.
  5. Do you eat at the table? Sometimes. Its hard with Joes hours.
  6. What is your favorite veggie to cook with? Orange and red bell peppers.
  7. Can you plate? Eh not well.
  8. Do you make things from scratch? OF COURSE!
  9. Do you eat a lot of microwave things? No. I hate canned fake food and I hate frozen fake food.
  10. What is your favorite fruit to bake with? Raspberries.

  1. Do you drive? Mhm.
  2. What do you drive? A piece of poo.
  3. What type of driver are you? Watchful.
  4. Do you honk your horn a lot? Nope. I scream out my window.
  5. Have you ever been in an accident? NO so all the driving jokes can stop you morons,I can drive better then most of you(directed to people who have recently cracked jokes of my driving)
  6. Are you a nervous driver? Not unless its really congested and even then I am not nervous I'm just over it and wanna get back to normalness.
  7. Do you speed? Little bit.
  8. Have you ever gotten a ticket of any kind? Parking ticket once.Oops
  9. Do headlights at night bother you? Little bit
  10. Dirt or paved roads? Ah both!

  1. Are you on facebook? Of course
  2. What is your favorite site? Facebook or 365
  3. Can you fix computers? I can a little bit
  4. Do you have a printer? Indeed
  5. What site do you visit the most? Facebook
  6. Do you go to porn sites? haha dont we all?
  7. Do you know what things are real and what is scam/spam? Indeed. This computer is about 3yrs old and never ever has had any type of virus or the one it did I got out in minutes and I wasn't the culprit.
  8. What protection do you have? AVF pro and Windows defender is customized for my needs.
  9. What messengers do you have on your computer? AIM and Yahoo.
  10. What type of computer do you have? Compaq desktop

  1. What is your favorite fruit? Kiwi
  2. What is your favorite vegetable? spinach
  3. What is your favorite meal your mom cooks? There is quite a few but her mac and cheese!
  4. What fast food place do you like? Taco bell and Mcdonalds
  5. Favorite restraunt? Longhorns
  6. Favorite type of cookie? Oatmeal,hold the raisins.
  7. Favorite cold drink? Ice tea or Dr.Pepper.
  8. Favorite hot drink? Tea or Hot chocolate.
  9. Can you make alcoholic drinks? Oooo why yes I can.
  10. Favorite thing to get at a bar? Cosmo.Girly.

  1. How many do you have? 5
  2. Their names? Snowshoes,Dominow,Trixie,Hazel and Thumpy
  3. How old are they? Snowshoes is going on 3,Dominoe is going on 21/2,Trixie is a year and a half and Hazel is just over a year and my baby Thumpy is 4.
  4. What pet do you want next? Dog. The companionship and responsibility thrills me lol
  5. Who takes care of the pets? I do mostly. But who ever sees them out of food,feeds them.
  6. Are they spoiled? Not really.
  7. Are they potty trained? Indeed
  8. Spayed and neutered? Yup
  9. How did you get them? Strays,Dominoe was from the newspaper and Thumpy from the pet store.
  10. Do they sleep with you? Trixie does a lot these days.
  1. Is your family big? It is but you wouldn't know that
  2. Do you have a close family? Not in the slightest.
  3. Do you fall in love easily? Heck no.Love is for wimps.
  4. Do you have a best friend? Nope. I have just friends.
  5. What member of your family are you closest too? My mom.
  6. What is the biggest family get together? Theres not really one.
  7. Do you abuse the word Love? No and I hate people who do.
  8. How many times have you been in love? twice.
  9. Family or friends first? Equal.Depends on the situation and stuff.
  10. Are you in love? Eh. I'm content.

  1. Can you sew? A little
  2. Are you crafty? A little
  3. Can you sing? A little
  4. What is a hobby of yours? Photography in a none income way
  5. Do you collect anything? Mhm I do.
  6. Can you dance? HA can I dance??? HA Course I can sweetie
  7. What do you do for fun? Bunch of things
  8. Can you speak any other language? Indeed.
  9. What are you good at? hahahhahahahahaha
  10. Could you be on Americas got talent? NO

Monday, November 8, 2010


Nothing to really talk about...shocking!
Did some shopping on Sat and Sunday. Clothes shopping. Trying something new with Stefano,he gets into so much I'm trying a few different toys where he has to sit down and play with them. Sunday I got him 7-8 plastic(medium sized) animals. So far so good!

My truck is still down to a part that broke that no one seems to have. Its one of those odd parts that kinda break easily on old vehicles because of all the years. Auto mall has it(car dealership like place) but it will take 2 weeks to get in. So last place is a junkyard! Joes at one right now.

M is still being a real witch. Hows that saying go "Blood is thicker then water" Your friends come and go but family is forever. Saddening. Does not bother me because I'm not an emotional person nor do I TRY with people who don't give a damn. =)

No snow here. Not even really a flurry. Its 40 out right now and suppose to warm up. I remember having snow on my birthday (Oct 25th). Maybe it won't be a long winter. I just want lots of snowy days. =) Winter is so fun.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I am so EXCITED! Pictures galore that day of everyone. Trying to afford outfits for the kiddos.

Speaking of kiddos,they both didn't have a swell night last-night. Yikes! And they were doing so well. CIO is really the only option as nothing is wrong,I don't even feel like its a night terror or nightmare thing either.

I learned about some healthy-green products for my hair today from some of my friends. Very excited to look into it. Funny how over time I have realized so much about chemicals and saving. I re use everything I can. I try to get the green products for cleaning. I recycle. I garden. =) I'm trying. I will get better as I learn more.

I have a couple of recipes I want to share. I need to catch up on here badly. Just nothing exciting is going on.

There will be a post of how I save money as about 4 of you asked how I manage everything. Some of you are people who saw how stocked our two freezers were and asked. =) Promise to be more on the ball with this blog. Sorry for the MIA,just not having my truck has thrown us all of. Outcome though is Joe took his car off the market and I think thats good. That car is met to be a Arbore's car.

It was funny,my mom went shopping with me this weekend so I told her today what clothes I bought I was wearing and she just laughed and said "I can't imagine wearing that type of clothing at home" I knew what she met,she never dresses up while at home and what I am wearing is dressing up to her when to me its just a regular outfit. Not sure where my girly side came from as she is not girly well she is sorta but not fully. My Aunt is really feminine and elegant,might be from her.=) All it is,is jeans and a pink sweater. lol She goes "I want a t-shirt and my dirtiest jeans not my newest jeans on at home" Ah the difference between mother and daughter.

Gotta share somethings I have noticed over time-Or recently. hehe
 I sit cocked eyed at my desk I am never sitting up straight or straight on with my monitor.
Kids at 1&2 do not understand to keep the water in the tub.
Phone calls will come in during nap time but no other time of the day. =p
You have clothes that fit and clothes that FIT..the difference? How your butt and boobs look in them.
Telling the truth about someone is not airing dirty laundry.
A fun chaos is better then a chaotic chaos.
A guys version of helping is sorta the same of a 2yr olds version of helping.

Haha I'm off to tackle a few more things before nap time is over. Still no Joe and he has been gone for 3hrs or more...not sure if thats good or bad. =/
WAIT!  A few pictures for you! =)