Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cleaning up

Few quick things. Last post was totally a rant and angry post. And even though no one reads these lol for my own peace of mind.
Most my anger is at my husband so bare with me.  He can be so perfect yet so not... Today=Perfect but you never know what tomorrow is in this relationship. Things still make me question things which makes the trust pretty low and since he will never come out and tell me they linger in my head which tends to make me a very cranky little person. =)
BUT for again my peace of mind in case anyone does read this. My neighbors that think they are better then me are not the ones who I live directly near. They are stuck up indirectly. One guy lives down the road a tad and when he walks hes always like checking out our yards and stuff..bugs me because I am a clean person living with a messy person so my front yard does not always look lovely.  I know hes this way because a friend of ours looked at one of his apartments and we were going to if they didn't want it but then they told us how he was and how pristine everything had to be and stuff. And we decided against it.
Then some crankiness comes from the garbage people... I NEVER almost NEVER insult a worker of any kind. So I follow rules quite well. I want to make peoples jobs easier and have them have a good day. So I try to clean up after a mess like one week something got into our garbage and I went right up and cleaned it all up well lately the garbage men have been mad about me not recycling... When I do. I have two bins full right now. It saves me money on bags and helps the environment. I even keep some jars and plastic containers to hold things or leftovers. I try to be resourceful so that my kids depend on their brains not technology and others. I'm a country girl. So even thought I thought they were being silly I re did my bags,cleaned up my trash cans even and marked them. They took the garbage but I just felt like a little kid. Like I had to defend myself to an older kid on the play ground. I'm also the only one who would like to listen to the mail man because again hes just trying to do his job and put the garbage on the other side opposite of the mail boxes..but since we have neighbors that share the driveway and I don't know if they agree-So we can't. I also like the curb to look nice...theres so much crap in the woods near the mailboxes...oy! Everyone around me seems messy,somedays I just give up and be messy too lol.
Another thing. Photography. I am in one of those stumps where you have a good day then a bad day with it. Where for a long time every picture I took was decent then you had the perfect shots. Lately I am lucky to get 1 photo on a bad day. And my good days are not even that fantastic. Arghh.
Then I have this issue with my left hand..its dry skin that spreads...yet its not dry skin just looks it because lotion does nothing...well now its turned so raw its got little paper cut like cuts on my fingers...HURTS. Think I remembered to by gloves for when I do the dishes? noooooo.
Such lame things bothering me yet they are. Can't change that but I also can't change things that can not be changed. But I can work at the things that can be changed.

My dad has jury duty...that has me a wreck,hes over 80,why??? Guess hes got it under control but sheesh.

My rings are not even close to being ready because they got shipped back by walmart because walmart forgot to add in the ups number or something else so now I must wait another 2 weeks....LOVELY!

Z's speech went well,she warmed up quickly.  We have a few things to work on so that it helps her progress even faster and better. 

Stefano spent the weekend at Joes moms. Having 1 child is way to easy. I didn't miss the fighting though.

Its been hot but not unbearably hot. Little rain here and there. My garden has two things in it that I have no idea what they are,I just know I planted veggies and flowers.

I have determined that silk sheets and me don't really get along lol. They keep making the comforter fall off.

Been doing freecycle a lot. Thinking of doing a tag sale in the middle of august.

Boring life I lead. Oh well. Gotta call drs about depo shot as I lost the card that tells me the next time I gotta go in. Ugh. I need to work on being a tad more organized at times. 

I just clean and run errands. =)
Heres a few pics.


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