Monday, August 1, 2011


Its funny to watch people be so fake. Act sincere when they are not...YET they have friends and a great life but if you ask them "They give up" SHOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Us who struggle want your life and your acting like a freaking baby!
You wanna know how my life goes?
I have no money
I never drive
I NEVER get me time EVER
Its only quiet after 10pm
I still have 30lbs to lose
I don't get to weight lift anymore
I deal with someone who has killed me as a person
I don't have a big back yard
No picket fence
No happiness.
Friends at a far
Neighbors who act better then me
People who are jealous of a hobby I have had LONGER then them
In laws that don't get it 
I rent a too small of a place

AND YET I still give rather then receive, still thankful.. SO GET A GRIP!
If your complaining about being single...TRUST ME its better that way
If your complaining about money but make more then most families....Go sit on it and see if that helps your mood!!!

As I type this seems to immature but you know what no one else is mature these days. Everyone else gets to act like a complete ass so why not me too!?
So much irritates me. I realize it shouldn't and I will slowly work on that but for now..AGHHHH!!!

One thing that is making me a crazy person is one person. One person who has changed drastically and I think for the worse. Thinks are out of character. Fights are over almost an imagination of what they think is going on or what they think they know. Little things are no longer little things. Its way to much. This person has started to think they can own everything and everyone like a piece of paper. Treat stuff like crap. Be selfish. And no one is telling them different except me. I can't even fully type out what is going on and whats going through my mind....its overwhelming and confusing. 

Just count your blessings. Stop holding out on good husbands. Stop dressing in t-shirts and mom jeans-remember to be that gorgeous in and out person. Never be jealous that someone else has the same hobby or passion.  Put the self conscious aside and glow. If you have a job love it like its your last day with a income. If you stand on your two feet most the time or all the time then be proud of that. If you make the right decisions,then adore the outcome. Your kids first ,yourself last. So many things,so many things that can go both ways. My kids are first but I try to look my age and adore my 23 yr old body haha. One day I will want it back so if you think I am gonna cover it up with a t-shirt your nuts!!! Stretch marks, I got em and mostly on my legs but IDC!
Love your animals, Don't think of them as a chore.
Make the best of what you have.
Be positive.
The things I am going to work on so that I can be better is-
Making the best of what I have-being resourceful 
Being independent-I can be..but ok I have always liked the company of a man...I have never been single for longer then a month BUT I also never really kept track because when I am single I am happy I don't worry about it but when I get with a guy I become putty lol I like a strong working man. (Which lately I don't have) I like a man who does the man stuff. A man who is not afraid to sweat. A man who showers at night to smell good for his woman. A man who can cook. A man who is a real man and does not complain.
A real man is honest and loyal.
Loyal to his job.
His kids.
His spouse.
His friends
His family.
A real man!

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