Monday, October 10, 2011

Slapped in the face

Yea I realize most my posts are pretty down in the dumps but if I didn't write....I know I would be in jail.

I was already to brag about things with Joe AND bam he does something to ooo wait for it wait for it...hurt me. He put his phone on FB so he can use his phone on there. Not a big deal if you have never tried cheating,have cheated or lied about things dealing with the opposite sex on fb....ALSO his mother bitched about the bill being high because of the use of the web so I ME ME ME has been NOT even touching the web on my phone and here he is hooking up his fb to it. Checks the weather on it and god knows what else BUT BUT hes trying to save money and get us a house. GEE how ya gonna do that if you rack your bill up and your mom demands money WHICH she has the right to do! UGH yet his family dislikes me? WHY cuz I dont flippin' take crap. I won't be stepped all over, I am not gonna spoil a man who has treated me like a maid for 4 yrs. DONT get me wrong I only feel like just the maid when he is messing up. Which sadly is about twice a week. I stay because hes young there is so much potential and hope and I know pretty well how to deal with my emotions so hes not killing me inside or what ever all that sappy crap is.  But if someone does not wake him up soon he will lose everything. Hes already lost his dignity and his pride and a lot of people respect. What he says means nothing to anyone because he never can keep what he says. I was suppose to be in a house 2 yrs ago...BUT nope. He learns but he forgets and does not care to quickly.

He has no one but me telling him that what he is doing is shameful to his name and to his family. Period.

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